• Athletics & Technology Meet


    21st Centry Athletes need 21st Centry Technology. Recording your performance is precisely what was needed 10 years ago. Analyzing what was recorded is precisely what is needed for the modern athlete of today.

  • Our Philosophy


    If you want to read a magazine while you "work out" - If you want to perform single joint movements such as bicep curls or tricep kickbacks - We are not the place for you. We believe in constaly changing, high intensity workouts that involve functional movements.

  • Our Technology


    Our technology allows you to perform your workouts without concerning yourself with the details of tracking your workouts. This allows the athlete to concern themselves with one important thing - TRAINING!

  • Our Purpose


    Whether you simply want to live a better, healthier life, or are preparing for a sport specific competition - training with the appropriate technology will help you excel towards any goal you place in front of yourself. Let us help, because your success is our goal.

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New mobile applications

"WODr 1.4 updates are now available!" We've fixed the issues with the the daily WOD text displays. Also, the daily WOD will now handle the "Calories" measurment correctly. Our sincerest apologies to Brehm!


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A new paradigm for new results

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned athlete, there's always room for improvement! For the elite athlete, there may be an apprehension to bring in new technology. For the beginner, they may already feel overwhelmed and not even understand what a piece of technolgy is exactly offering. The challenge we faced here was designing a tool that was simple and intuitive enough for beginners to easily use and understand - while still providing the elite athlete with all the information they may need to get that slight advange in competition. What matters here is simply your desire and dedication to constantly improve yourself, and we want to help. If you need to know more about how our technology and applications can help, please contact us and talk with one of our trainers.

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Quick Clear references

There are times when books, and volumes of them are needed to learn the details of a technique. However, once you've gained a general knowledge - a quick CLEAR reference is all you need

Concise Descriptions

Though a picture is worth a thousand words, often times you only need a few. For those times, you can quickly pull up details for a WOD or exercise and read some of the finer points.